Transformation Series- E-talk on Physical Fitness

The World as we know has come to a sudden pause… In the midst of this extreme adversity, the entire mankind is fighting back with a HOPE. Hope of getting back to earlier lifestyle, Hope of a better future, Hope of a better financial situation and Hope or a better tomorrow.

But there will be major implications on people’s lifestyle due to this adversity, leading towards major disruptions in normal life and a challenge to adapt to the New Normal that is beginning to take shape.

With lockdown getting extended in one way or the other, with normal life still some months away – most of the people have spent / are spending considering time indoors. Some have lost their jobs, some their resources, some are forced to live with domestic issues etc etc thereby disrupting the work-life people-people balance. All these will have a profound impact on Physical Fitness, Mental Health, Lifestyle and Nutrition thereby creating a NEW NORMAL that was unthinkable till a few months ago.

A Transformation will be the NEED OF THE HOUR given the limitations imposed due to the current situation. This will involve major adjustments and adaptations to the evolving situation.

The TRANSFORMATION SERIES intends to address each of these issues and help the audience to adapt this NEW NORMAL by providing an interactive platform for people to share their issues and problems with experts and get solutions. These solutions will be based on reality that will help the people to adapt these solutions in their normal life, thus making them self-independent and face even any future situation arising out of this pandemic.

Idence Bds Pvt. Ltd has joined hands with India’s best known physical fitness icon, Mr. Milind Soman and his company, Speaking Minds to curate this Transformation Series. Leading experts in each field will share the best practices as well as provide workable solutions at home / office / community level thereby making this one-of-its kind digital series.