Twilio x DEV Community Hackathon 🔥

This contest will be an opportunity to earn community bragging rights, build impactful projects with Twilio, and win sweet prizes. Twilio has some of the most powerful APIs around town, and we are really looking forward to seeing what everyone in the community comes up with.

COVID-19 Communications: an app to help folks communicate during this challenging time, either to stay connected or to help resolve COVID-19 related challenges.
Examples: Social interaction apps especially for elderly, remote education tools, distribution of supplies to those in need, telemedicine

Engaging Engagements: an app that a company could implement to better engage with their customers or to manage their business.
Examples: text marketing, fleet management, account notifications, and more — get more ideas from the Twilio website

Interesting Integrations: an app that integrates Twilio with at least one other API.
Examples: appointment reminders app that uses a scheduling API, sports alert app that uses sports-stat APIs, location-based app that leverages geo-location APIs

Exciting X-Factors: an innovative or unexpected app that doesn’t necessarily fit any of the above categories, but is a clear winner nonetheless.

The Twilio APIs
You are allowed to use any of the Twilio APIs in your project. You’re likely already familiar with Twilio’s SMS products, but you might not know that they have a bunch of other awesome products you can leverage for your submission.

So, while you’re very welcome to submit an SMS project, we’re also excited to review and reward entries that leverage programmable voice, video, chat, cross-channel conversations, and the rest of the Twilio products!

Prizes 🎁

  • 4 Grand Prize Winners (one in each category):
    • $1,500 USD gift card or equivalent 💸
    • Twilio Swag Pack ($300 value) 😎
    • SIGNAL Conference Ticket ($2500 USD value) 🔥
    • Your project showcased on Twilio CodeExchange, with a winner badge ✨
    • $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop 🎁
    • DEV “Twilio Hackathon” winner badge 🏆
  • Runner-up Prizes (10 total):
    • $150 USD credit to the DEV Shop 🎁
    • Your project showcased on Twilio CodeExchange
    • DEV “Twilio Hackathon” runner-up badge 👏
  • Participants (with valid projects):
    • $50 USD credit to the DEV Shop 🎁
    • DEV “Twilio Hackathon” participation badge 💪

Regardless of whether or not you win, your project may be showcased on Twilio CodeExchange!