Webinar on AWS Mobile Services on May 27, 2016

Webinar on AWS Mobile Services on May 27, 2016

d easy creation of mobile apps so as to let companies/developers focus on the user proposition and experience while AWS takes care of the undifferentiated heavy lifting. In this session, learn how to use AWS mobile services to build scalable mobile backends, onboard new users, synchronize their data across multiple devices and send push notifications. You will also learn about tracking and engaging your users better and ensure you deliver high quality apps by testing them against a large collection of real phones and tablets.

We shall cover:

1. Overview of AWS & Mobile Services
2. Amazon Cognito – User identity management, Cross device data sync
3. Amazon Simple Notification Service – Scalable, flexible, fully managed notification service
4. AWS Device Farm – Testing apps on hundreds of real devices
5. Amazon Mobile Analytics – Get deeper insights. Optimize user engagement
6. AWS Lambda – Event driven compute
7. Amazon API Gateway – Create, publish, maintain & secure APIs at scale
8. AWS Mobile Hub – Fastest way to build mobile apps powered by AWS

Who Should Attend:

Session is primarily targeted Mobile developers, Architects and decision makers.

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