Why Would I Know That?

What connects Lucy Liu and Dame Judy Dench?
What is Nick Offerman’s day job?
Name any five American Idol winners!
If your reaction is “Why Would I Know That?”, then this is the show for you!

“Why Would I Know That?” is a quiz panel show where we test the nerdy side of famous (relatively) people! We poke and prod at our guests in the hope that they had spent all of their childhood zoning out in front of a television set.

We will ask questions from movies, tv shows, music, comics, stand up specials and sources you didn’t know were considered pop culture.
In collaboration with Geek Fruit, the ultimate nerd guide, this show will have you on the edge of tomorrow!

PS: There’s a rapid-fire round!

Neville Shah
Sonali Thakker
Aditya Daftary
Host: Kunal Raoi and Geek Fruit

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