Yoga with Expert Trainer Shilpa Jaiswal Powered by Fitternity

Join Expert Trainer, Shilpa Jaiswal, on Saturday, 20th June, 5:30 PM for a specially curated yoga workout by Crush Fitness India, having a set of exercises and poses synchronized with specific breathing techniques and meditation principles.

Yoga is not one-size-fits-all, and the session will be carried out, with pose variations and modifications, to suit every individual’s level of fitness.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, with no major/minor injuries, you can attend this session. All you need is an open space, a yoga mat, good internet connection and water to keep you hydrated.


Shilpa is a motivated Yoga instructor at Crush Fitness India, with advanced training in Yoga principles. She enjoys inspiring others to work towards overall wellness and commit to long term health and fitness goals.

She has done a number of corporate programs, seminars and workshops to address specific health needs. Energetic, outgoing and flexible are the qualities that make Shilpa an outstanding holistic health and wellness coach.