Hamlet (The Clown Prince)

As a part of “The Great Indian Theatre Festival” we bring to you: “Hamlet The clown prince”. Hamlet is hardly a popular hero. He is confused, indecisive, unable to act and he procrastinates. He is preoccupied with thoughts of death, suicide and achieves only when there is some natural calamity which forces him to react. Onto which Hamlet’s love scene with Ophelia by saying “doubt the sun, doubt the moon, but don’t doubt my love for u”, nothing could be more romantic. The dark ambience which it creates is strengthened by the unique flavor of clowns which gets under your skin. Hamlet’s scene with his father’s ghost and how everything is carried out is summed up in one of Prince Hamlet’s speech, “will make your eyes pop out, hair stand and heart wrench”. #kuchalagdekho