Ladies Sangeet Play in Mumbai from May 14-15, 2016

Ladies Sangeet Play in Mumbai from May 14-15, 2016
Lovleen Mishra, Joy Sengupta, Gopal Datt, Shikha Talsania, Ketki Thatte

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A drama with soulful music and foot tapping numbers. The play touches upon gender issues and tries to throw light on gender stereotyping in a very intelligent, witty and entertaining manner. The idea is to create a fun dramatic evening with intense characters, witty punch lines, dramatic text and some beautiful wedding songs, some naughtily versed tuppas/dadras and a melodious sufiyana qulaam .

The play begins with a household that’s buzzing with wedding preparations. At first glance it seems everything is fine but slowly the shadows begin to creep in and the flaws begin to reveal themselves and at each juncture the wedding seems to be in danger. Each character in the play re-examine gender stereotyping and the changing value system across the generations. Each character’s story starts a debate on Indian sensuality, sexuality and gender and like a kaleidoscope or a tapestry comes together in the end to reveal a perspective on some questions raised.

The oldest daughter of the house Radha, 23 is about to wed into a well off family to Manas, 28. Everyone is happy and chirpy as the music filled house resonates with joy and cheer. Radha is as nervous as she is excited because she has been dreaming of her wedding since she was 13 but apart from what she has read in books she has no idea of what it actually entails after the bonhomie.

The play ends with a Sangeet and a twist. Tum radhey Bano Shyaam, the classical bandish is sung and performed in classical, jazz, Bollywood and folk styles as the finale of the Ladies Sangeet, a play exploring a debate on gender stereotyping.

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