Where Has My Nani Gone?

Supported by TATA TRUSTS

The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

Based on Chatura Rao’s award-winning children’s book Gone Grandmother, this is a show that is sure to wow audiences as they learn about the innocence of childhood and the inexorable interdependence of joy and sorrow, life and death. A profound parable of love and loss – a little girl taking care of her mother, wonders where her nani (grandmother) has gone. Her imagination takes flight, as the little girl remembers her nani and tries to convince herself that everything will be fine. Ishara weaves a dreamscape of sensitive eloquence with colourful puppets, actors and music, in this touching inter-generational family story.

There will be an interaction with the artistes (puppets) and the audience.

Direction & Design: Dadi D. Pudumjee
Puppeteers/ Performers: Kumari Yadav, Niharika Jha, Vivek Kumar, Mohammad Shameem & others

Age: 8+


Late entry will not be permitted.