Goa River Marathon

“Goa River Marathon (Grm) is a 42.195 Kilometer run in paradise with a route that runs along the pristine blue waters of the Zuari River. Held towards the year-end, this year’s event to be held on 17th November and will be our 10th in a row!
AIMS Certified route, beautiful river view, tree-shaded route, super smooth roads, and professional organization make this one of the top marathons in India and has been duly acknowledged as such in various magazines including National Geographic which says “Goa River Marathon is one of the 10 Great Marathons in the world”. The DNA Newspaper insists we are amongst India’s top FIVE. In any case, we are definitely amongst the best-organized marathons in India.

You can run for sport or you can run for fun. In fact, we insist, you have fun while you run.
• The full marathon starts at 04:30 AM
• Half marathon at 5:30 AM
• The 10 KM competitive run at 06:15 AM
• The 5 KM fun-walk-or-run event at 9:00 AM.


For Group of 10 to 19 give discounts

Before end Sept 8%

For, Group of 20+ give Discounts

Before end Sept 15%

Running event, Full Marathon 42.195 KM

Minimum age

Full Marathon – 18+ yrs
Half Marathon – 18+ yrs
10 KM – 12+ yrs
5 KM – no age limit

Registration Amount:

full Marathon – 2000+GST
Half Marathon – 1800+GST
10KM – 1500+GST
5KM – 500+GST

Full Marathon – 42.195 KM
Half Marathon – 21.097 KM
10k Competitive – 10 KM
5K Fun Walk / Run – 5 KM

Age categories:

Men’s Open (18 < 45)
Women’s Open ( 18 < 40)
Veteran -Men ( 45 < 55)
Veteran -Women (40 < 50)
Senior Veteran Men ( 55 < 65)
Senior Veteran Women( 50 < 60)
Super Veteran Men ( 65+)
Super Veteran Women (60+)

Q: Registration?

The registration fees for the marathon is Indian Rupees 2,000. It covers your right to participate in the marathon and make use of all event-related facilities including emergency physiotherapy at the race venue. The fee also includes a limited-edition event T-Shirt, an engraved medal. Only those who register by 10-Oct-2019 will be eligible to have their name printed on the bib. In any case, the last date for registration is 10-Nov-2019

Is the distance certified?

Yes, the distance is certified by AIMS and is certificate is valid up to 31.Dec. 2019
Who can participate?

Participants aged 18 and older (as on date of event), can participate

What are the starting time and time limit?
The marathon will start at 04:30 a.m. and you need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start. You will be eligible for a timing certificate provided you cross the finish line within six hours and thirty minutes. Timing mats will be removed at 11:00 AM

Note: After 10:30 A.M. there will be partial traffic in many places and thereafter full traffic will be open. Any participant running with the event bib after 11:00 A.M. will be lifted off the course on our vehicles. This is being done for the safety of the participants and under orders of the local law authorities.

Q: Race kit collection?

The email (please check your spam/junk folders too), receipt (or SMS) you receive is your ticket for collection of your race kit. The race kit will be distributed during the event expo held on 15th Nov 2019 between 11:00 am to 07:00 pm and 16th Nov between 09:30 am to 07:00 pm. The expo location will be intimated on this website, on our Facebook page and also, by email.

You may collect another participant’s race kit provided you have that participant’s receipt, authorization letter to collect on his/her behalf and copy of participant’s ID proof.

Will there be a baggage counter?

Yes, but don’t include any valuables. The organizer will not accept any theft claims.