Hyderabad Hydrothon 2018 on May 27, 2018

Hyderabad Hydrothon 2018 on May 27, 2018

We at Hydrothon are here to help and facilitate the need for awareness and attention. Our core objective is to bring about the much needed social change in our society.

The cause that we have adopted for Hydrothon 2018 is “Save Water”. The Main Objective of 2018 Season will be to create awareness about “What you as an individual can do to ‘Save Water’”

Water is an essential and elementary part of our lives and our survival as a species. If we were to experience a water shortage or cutoff for even 2 days, our lives would come to a standstill.

This May 27th, let’s Run for Water. Let’s Take a Pledge to Save Water and Contribute in Saving Water Resources by taking part in Hydrothon 2018.

We are obliged that All Running Groups are helping us organize this event and to have HMDA as our prime supporters.

Run Distance: 5km & 10km

Registration Fee: Rs. 549/-

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