Kids Marathon 2017 in Hyderabad on October 8, 2017

Kids Marathon 2017 in Hyderabad on October 8, 2017

Conceptualized and created by Let’s Feed India (LFI), the Kids Marathon is not just an attempt to create awareness about Childhood Cancer, but also about touching lives and spreading the message of fitness through the simple act of running.

Let’s Feed India:-

We are defined as a group of people from various regions and different cultures who come together and make a FAMILY. We make a chain of FRIENDS (Donors-Volunteers- Coordinators) who get connected with each other through a thread of Emotions-Feelings- Love.

We get wonderful food from thousands of kitchens, to hungry stomachs awaiting us at their homes. So, the time has come to share your love with everyone around the world. There is no rich; there is no poor. All we need is your heart, and an open door.

Objectives of the Marathon:-

The objective of the Kids Marathon is to create awareness about the Childhood Cancer among the general public, improve the physical & mental fitness of the participants, also making it a family-friendly event to encourage the participation of families for a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, there is no age limit for participation, though minors require a parental consent prior to participating in the event.

Run distance:-

500 mt = 250/- (Min 2 yrs to 3 yrs), Start time:- 7.00 am

1 Km = 350/- (Min 4 yrs to 7 yrs), Start time:- 6.50 am

2 Km = 450/- (Min 8 yrs to 10 yrs), Start time:- 6.40 am

3km = 550/- (Min 10 yrs to 13 yrs), Start time:- 6.30 am

5Km = 650/- (Min 13 yrs to 15yrs), Start time:- 6.20 am

10Km = 750/- (Min 15 yrs to 18 yrs), Start time:- 6.00 am

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