Nagole Forest Run – Winter Edition

Nagole forest run, as the name indicates runs through some of the outer reaches of the Vanasthali Deer park.

This Dec, come join us to run around the green environs around the Vanasthali hills. The place is an old layout that hasn’t been occupied for long. The layout is dotted by trees of various sizes and, the route inside constitutes one of the most picturesque that we have in this part of the city.
As the name suggests, there are quite a few rolling hills in the layout. The Unicent school stands on one of the highest hills inside this layout. One can view the city from a bird’s eye from here. The green canopy followed by the urban agglomeration and the fog on a winter morning rising sun make this place a visitor’s delight.

The route starts from the Unicent school atop the hill and goes into the well laid-out paths inside the Vanasthali hills (most of the roads are at right angles) and then traverses through the edge of the layout to enter into the road leading onto the Gowrelly village (after passing by the Kuntloor nursery junction).
From the nursery junction, the route passes through the reserve forest area on both sides of the road and reaches the village. Beyond this is another green patch where the runners would pass by lush green cultivation on one side and toddy-breweries on the other.

Look for peacocks enroute. Keep your ears open to hear the sweet singing of birds. With the monsoon around, we also expect some light showers to hit us.

The route is an out and back one. 10K in one direction and return in the same way.
We will have SAG support points evenly spaced all through the route.

For the more adventurous ones, you may want to explore the Vanasthali hills. If one’s fully ready, you may find a 5K route all inside the Vanasthali hills (by running on the outer paths). This officially ain’t a part of the route but we’re leaving it up to you to discover the place.

The route is not barefoot-friendly and we want you to wear your footwear.
We’re planning to provide breakfast inside the Unicent school campus.

We’ve ample parking lot for your cars and 2-wheelers. We advise you to carpool to save the environment.
Toilets will be provided inside the school.

Please be careful of the surroundings and don’t litter around. Use the dustbins/trash bags as much as possible so as to help us and help everyone in leaving the surroundings neat and clean.

Hoping to see a lot of you around and make it a memorable one