NIO Vision Marathon 2016 – Edition 2 in Pune on November 6, 2016

NIO Vision Marathon 2016 - Edition 2 in Pune on November 6, 2016

NIO Vision Marathon aims to create education and awareness about avoidable blindness and other eye diseases ,which is the first step towards treating these causes of irreversible blindness.

Run Categories:

Blind Folded Buddy Run/Walk:

2 People run/walk together with one person is blind folded all the way to return point, there you exchange the blindfold and both of you run back with the other second partner blind folded this time.

Visually impaired runner Support runner :

Running distance is determined by your partner. You get the satisfaction and if the program schedule permits we would like to invite you and your partner on stage at 8:15 AM to salute your accomplishment. You and your partner receive finisher’s medal. The Visually Impaired runners are separately registered at no cost. You will be assigned to one of the runners at random; don’t be surprised if your runner is faster than you.

3k & 5K -Fun Run – Non-Competitive

Half Marathon & 10K (Timed Run) – Timing Chip Optional.

All finishers get medals and if you have opted for timing certificate then you would get timing certificate in email.


Sunday, 6th Nov 2016

6 AM: Start for the 21 Km and 10 Km

7 AM: Start for 3K and 5K

7:15 AM: Blind folded Buddy Run

7:30 AM onwards, Post run festivities

If you are running with the visually impaired runner as a support then your run start time depends on the start time and distance chosen by your partner.

Reporting time 45 min before flag off .

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