CII’s Tower Run 2015 in Ahmedabad on December 20, 2015

CII's Tower Run 2015 in Ahmedabad on December 20, 2015

Extending its agenda beyond business & with an objective to promote health and fitness amongst the corporate world, CII is organizing first vertical marathon in Gujarat.

What is a Tower Run?

Tower Run is a global phenomenon and has gained popularity and media focus across the world. Tower running is an unconventional sport that involves running up the internal staircases of buildings.

Tower running is one of the toughest new sports to capture the imagination of fitness addicts all over the world.

Why Tower Running?

-Swimming, Cycling, Marathon Running, etc. require special skills & training
-Walking, unless done correctly, vigorously and regularly, provides woefully insufficient levels of exercise
-But anybody can climb stairs…
-Climbing stairs provides fitness, no matter what pace it is done at

Tower Running & CII

-Health is a basic human right and a precondition for economic development
-Heart disease, diabetes and hypertension have replaced communicable diseases as India’s biggest killers
-Adoption of a healthy lifestyle prevents such chronic ailments
-Climbing up stairs is an easy, accessible and effective exercise that can bring down the incidence of lifestyle diseases

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