Apple Is Red by Vaibhav Sethia at Spade Comedy Festival

After ‘This One Time’ and DONT [Amazon Prime], Vaibhav has a brand new stand up show for us. In this he grows a small Uranium 957 plant, bearing fruits which provide organic electricity, all within the one hour span. On a larger scale of production, he uses labour from local businesses bartered in exchange for tonnes of human manure.

So, obviously he has a bunch of human cows now. He doesn’t talk much about it in the show but you’d see how his words have been inspired by such an experience. He also has a junk defibrillator which he uses to help him get back up when doing push ups. That apart, the show is just him rambling extremely sensible things with a lot of vigour, for an hour


  1. Kindly wear masks, they are mandatory. Entry will not be permitted in the premises without a mask
  2. Seating is NOT First Come First Serve and is up to the discretion of the Organizer as we have to maintain the social distancing norms
  3. Please reach at least 30 mins before the show so that we conduct all sanitization procedures.