Aravind SA’s I Was Not Ready Da in Trichy on April 8, 2018

Aravind SA's I Was Not Ready Da in Trichy on April 8, 2018

Aravind SA

They say true comedy happens when it is unplanned. A lot of things happened to Aravind SA when he least expected it. From becoming a stand-up comic to signing a deal with Amazon Prime, to becoming viral overnight, every new milestone in his life was a WTF moment for him. It was this that led him to create his brand new solo special, I Was Not Ready Da. Through his new special, SA takes us through a roller coaster ride filled with personal stories that are stranger than fiction.

His first solo show, “Madrasi Da”, premiered in the year 2014, and sold 1200 tickets in less than 8 hours, a record in India. Another comedian could well have piggybacked on the content comprising mainly of jokes on South stereotypes. I Was Not Ready Da, however, is at once both new and everything you liked about Madrasi Da. It is funny, anecdotal, and there are more SA stories you will laugh at than you can imagine. The second solo, launched in November 2017, sold 2400 tickets in under 6 hours. Youll know why when you hear his stories.

SA is now taking his show to cities around the world, including yours. Buckle up, put your game face on, and get ready for I was not ready da!

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