Comedy at its best in Gurgaon on October 11, 2016

Comedy at its best in Gurgaon on October 11, 2016

Experience the best of comedy at Hard Rock Cafe Gurgaon, as they have got an evening packed with lots of giggles and laughter. The performing comics are:

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia:

The Salman Khan of the Fat World, yes that’s what he is known as in the comedy circuit. After being diagnosed with Monday allergies, he quit his teenage (16 year old) job and walked away to do Stand-Up. Three years later, he’s happier bringing roaring laughter to thousands than lecturing a corporate smartass.

Vikramjit Singh:

Vikramjit Singh used to be a nice guy. Then he became angry, and when he couldn’t get any angrier, he became funny. Rich people and the proverbial ‘nice’ people get his angst going, as does India’s obsession with gyms and food. He calls his humour rib-tickling, and loves an audience that has the stomach for it.

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