Evam Presents Wonder Menon by Anu Menon

Evam Presents Wonder Menon by Anu Menon

Wonder Menon. The anti-superhero. Anu Menon gives you an hour of:

1. Trivia.
2. Detail.
3. Inspiration.
4. Exasperation.
5. Perspiration.
6. Life as an uncool kid in Chennai.
7. Life as a bahu in a thepla-loving Gujju family in Mumbai.
8. Life as an exhausted mother of a 5-year-old in..well..everywhere.

PS: Anu Menon hopes you will Lol. Rofl.
PPS: Anu Menon obviously is not as tall, beautiful or talented as Gal Gadot. Nor can she save the world one joke at a time.

Do not miss this anti superhero`s stand-up show!

This comic show is going to be a wonderful experience.

Terms and Conditions
Age Limit: 21+.
For mature audiences only.
Club rules apply.

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