Gaurav Kapoor Live | Punjab

Welcome the flag-bearer of West Delhi to your town!

Gaurav Kapoor, the funny one from Delhi is back in action with his all-new comedy solo special. His razor-sharp wit and candid humor lead him to win almost every open-mic he has ever participated in. Gaurav is a regularly featured act at comedy clubs across the country and has performed on the biggest of stages including opening for Vir Das and Russell Brand on his India tour. Since then, he has done numerous live shows, released videos on YouTube, and released a stand-up special, HahaKaar (IMDB Rating – 8.2), on Amazon Prime.

His shows are a mix of observational humor and anecdotes where he narrates stories from corporate offices, festivals, the 90’s era, food, travel, and his marriage. The stories could be 100% true or could be 100% made up. You can only guess. The best thing is, his friends say that the stories he narrates off stage are even funnier but we may never know. Join him as he makes fun of super-relatable observations and situations from all walks of life! If you have seen me performing live at any of my shows in the last 1 year, itll be a similar show. If you have just seen me in videos, then its a completely new show for you.

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All necessary COVID precautions like social distancing, mandatory masks, regular sanitizations will be followed at the venue.