Gaurav Kapoor | Sab Scam Hai

“Sab Scam Hai” is a stand-up show by Gaurav Kapoor where he tries find jokes in all the happy and nostalgic things in life. Spent all his life in West Delhi, Gaurav’s show is a mix of observational humour and anecdotes where he narrates stories from his neighbourhood, offices, festivals, 90s, food, travel and his marriage. These stories could be 100% true or could be 100% made up but you will never know.

PS: None of the material is from YouTube videos. If you have seen me live in my last year 2019 Tour (Dilli 18 or Sab Scam Hai) , it’ll be same or overlapping material. Dekho, mai to bolunga dobara aa jaao..Utna hi maza aata hai..