Humor On Everything in Delhi on October 28, 2017

Humor On Everything in Delhi on October 28, 2017

A stand-up comedy show comprises humorous take on day to day nuances, Censorship, 90’s Indian Cricket and urban relationships. Their humor not only makes you LAUGH but THINK too.

Abhishek Tripathy is aiming to spread happiness. He believes that that can only happen “if your content is touching people’s lives. He doesn’t believe in sharing jokes, but experiences & opinions. Humor, too, is a form of aggression.”

He does observational humor because nothing much happens in his own life. So he makes fun of outside world. Most of his stories are fictitious have no resemblance to anyone. He is shy so he likes keeping his audience in dark to avoid making eye contact.

He doesn’t like being called a Comedian, per se- he is a storyteller. As per him, he is suffering from a split personality, one side of him is a corporate geek but when he is on stage he is a totally different person. His humor is based on relationships and societal hypocrisy along with food for thought.

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