Market Down Hai by Gaurav Gupta at Spade Comedy Festival

The Most Popular Baniya of our times, Gaurav Gupta is back with his new solo “ Market Down Hai “ which involves funny incidents and tales about all emotional blackmail lines given by papa log, mummy log and other relatives. There is a lot more to know about his hilarious experiences and story himself as a parent, husband, a Delhite and above all a baniya with his Punjabi extravagant when it comes to delivering jokes. He is a dentist by profession, a husband by possession and a comedian by the recession.

1. Kindly wear masks, they are mandatory. Entry will not be permitted in the premises without a mask
2. Seating is NOT First Come First Serve and is up to the discretion of the Organizer as we have to maintain the social distancing norms
3. Please reach at least 30 mins before the show so that we conduct all sanitization procedures.