Millennial Married Life by Abijit Ganguly at Spade Comedy Festival

“Abijit Ganguly talks about the millennial married life. Which is why this show is named millennial married life. Which makes this description slightly redundant you know. But you have to put some show description and just leaving a blank space will not be kind of right. I mean one could do it, but it’d be sort of weird. Like for the one odd person who’d want to read the show description and then decide, it’d be like ‘hey where is the description’, and we don’t want that do we. That question was rhetoric. Like most married life questions are. There. Bazzinga.

P.S – There’ll be few jokes on some other topics as well like Modiji, Religion, etc. When Abijit does that, don’t start throwing things in the middle of show going ,’SHAADI PE BAAT KAR NA SAALE’!!

Disclaimer – If you have attended a live show by Abijit in the last 6 months, some of the jokes may be ”


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