Mistry Solved (Kolkata) | Gujarati Stand-Up Comedy by Chirayu Mistry

Hey, visitor and potential ticket buyer, my name is Chirayu Mistry and I am Stand-up Comedian from Gujarat working with The Comedy Factory. After doing standup for 7 years, working and writing for Brands like Croma, Tinder, Sprite, etc, performing in Sony Sab’s show Good Night India, and writing a whole Gujarati film with two co-writers/friends which will hopefully release this year, I bring you this show. And if you are thinking ke “Show kevo hashey?”, don’t worry about it because the whole show is tried and tested at least 14-15 times offline as well as online. You can come alone, come with friends, come with family. Don’t focus on 18+, it is just to filter out my audience, otherwise, uncle aunty also enjoyed the show.

Now if you are thinking about whether the material will be the same or different, then let me tell you that this show contains the best bits from my career (Unreleased) as well some exclusive material written specifically only for this show. So this is once in a lifetime experience (and maybe more if you come again to watch this show).

So if you have reached here then I am assuming in good faith that you will buy the tickets and enjoy this Gujarati Standup Comedy show which I have been polishing for almost 3 years now.

Bas toh pachi. Ticket lai lo. Madiye aapde show parr.
– Mistry.