The Odyssey of Laughter in Punjab on October 30, 2017

The Odyssey of Laughter in Punjab on October 30, 2017

With the scenario all clear in our minds, we are set to provide Patiala with some hilarious stand up comedy and introduce to them, more of this amazing and trending talent. As we all are very well aware of the jolly nature of the people of Punjab, our motive is to give them what they love i.e. laughter.

We have not restricted ourselves to just a show but have planned to take a step forward and provide some talented individuals with a golden opportunity to try their talents of stand up comedy, poetry, mimicry etc. in front of a live audience and have a fair feedback.

This would greatly help them to grow forward in their respective fields and learn the best out of the experience. For this, we have thought of organising some open mikes in the region which would both help more talented individuals to participate and also make our job difficult to shortlist from the best.

The audience will thoroughly enjoy themselves and to add on we have planned to provide them with various side-ons like Red Bull refreshment drink, snaks and t-shirts for some lucky ones.

Their is nothing better to watch someone you could relate to, keeping this in mind our team has come to a mutual decision of inviting a very talented and great Punjabi stand up comedian Mr. Jaspreet Singh!!

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