Shaadi ka Ladoo by Rajat Chauhan Live in Mumbai

Why should you attend?
A New Stand Up Comedy Show by Rajat Chauhan .
A Non-Stop Laughter Riot.

Shaadi ka ladoo…a brand new special by Rajat Chauhan.

Let`s go on a journey from being eligible bachelor to a married man.

Just like there are speed limits on roads for safety reasons, many societies and families have a marriage age limit that is considered appropriate for individuals to tie the knot.

In today`s digital age, meeting potential partners has become more accessible through various apps and online. Moving from a single life to a married one is a significant change that brings new responsibilities and dynamics. It involves adapting to sharing your life with another person, compromising, and building a life together. This transition can be smooth for some couples and challenging for others. Marrying someone also means joining their family and adjusting to their traditions, customs, and dynamics. This adjustment period can be a testing time for many individuals as they navigate relationships with in-laws and extended family members.