What a Shitty Guy – Stand Up Show by Adesh Nichit in Bhubaneswar

Adesh Nichit is back on the road with his new solo show, What a Shitty Guy! Where he talks about himself, his parents, his future wife, kids, and everything absurd happening to him.

He is well known for his unforgettable roast round, Nandu and Maalik sketch set and the stellar performance in the ALT round in season 3 of Comicstaan.

And for the past five years, Adesh has been wowing the audience with live shows and standup videos with more than 10 million views. He is also known for improvising jokes in the middle of an act and love for chai. So, join him with your family and friends for a roller coaster ride full of laughter. Dont worry; he wont ask you to pick up his cane!