Colloquium – Event for Students by Startups in Hyderabad from July 29-30, 2016

Colloquium - Event for Students by Startups in Hyderabad from July 29-30, 2016

Colloquium on Inspiring Young Engineers Aspiring for Startups For the second time in BVRIT HYDERABAD to bridge the gap between Students and Startups, we have an all new event called the Colloquium, which brings different Startup Founders, inspiring speakers and many powerful mentors and investors on one platform to inspire you, to guide you and to put you on the right track.

*You also have the opportunity to put forward your Student Startup Idea and get suggestions from the pioneers in the field.

*Many of you still might be in your confusion zone, so here are few solid reasons for you attend our event:

– You can get inspired by talks of entrepreneurs who have oceans of knowledge.
– You also can meet the investors and put forward your impressive ideas!
– Pitch your Startup idea in front of hundreds of students and entrepreneurs.
– You will have a lot to learn from the experimental activities and network with the mentors.

Various Startup Founders, Industrial experts will be sharing their journey of Startup, explain about their Startups and Share their Idea what made them to start a startup.

– What is a Startup?
– How to Start a Startup?
– How to Implement an Idea?
– How to Build a team ?
– How to Run a Startup?
– What does an Investor Look for in a Startup?

Speakers will be Sharing their Success Stories to Ignite the Minds of Young Students.


Rajlakshmi Sivanand – Sr. Director, HR, Model N
Bhaven Shah – Co Founder & COO,
Radhika Meenakshi Shankar – Founder, WISE OWL Consulting
Viiveck Verma – Founder, SAHE & Co-organizer, TEDx Hyd.
Pankaj Diwan –Managing Director, UPTEC IDEALABS Ltd
Praveen Jambholkar – Founder, Cybermotion Technologies
L. Sri Charan – Founder, CEO, Stumagz
Umashankar Kotturu – CEO & Founder, Doctrz
Ayyappa Nagubandi – Founder, Possibillion
Shruthi Murugan – Director, Marketing & Community, T-Hub
Vijay Bawra –Manager, NASSCOM


Day 1

1. Inauguration
2. Keynote address by Mrs. Rajlakshmi Sivanand
3. Session by Mr. Bhaven Shah
4. Role of Makerspace in Entrepreneurship
Development by Mr. Pankaj Diwan
5. Ideation Session by Mrs.Radhika Meenakshi
6. Session by Mr.L.Sri Charan, CEO, Stumagz
7. T-Hub support to startups by Shruthi Murugan

Day 2

1. Technology drive towards social initiatives
by Mr. Viiveck Varma
2. NASSCOM support to startups by Mr. Vijay
3. Session by Mr. K. Uma Shankar
4. Session by Mr. N. Ayyappa


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