i5 Summit – The Entrepreneurship Summit in IIM Indore from August 22-23, 2015

i5 Summit - The Entrepreneurship Summit in IIM Indore from August 22-23, 2015

The i5 Summit, is a platform where we initiate a dialogue about entrepreneurship. SAC IIM Indore and Student Entrepreneurship Support Cell (SESC) IIT Indore brings you an opportunity to ideate, innovate, inspire, induce & invest. Come to IIM Indore campus this August to experience the change.


An entrepreneur always sympathises with another, because even if they’re rivals, their struggles are the same. Our keynote speech would be made by one such person, who has made it big, really big. A person who has surpassed the initial stages of hopelessness and sleepless nights to a life he hoped to achieve, but looks upon those times as precious. This person gives us all hope, that what we are doing right now, is worth it. Starting our summit with such a speech would ensure everyone is in their best spirits.


The panel discussion would involve entrepreneurs from all industries deliberate on issues at hand. With audience participation, we hope to have a healthy discussion and give entrepreneurs a chance to attain details of everything that can happen to their venture.


This informal arrangement hopes to be a walk you remember. We have set aside a time for interaction with people who have similar ideas. It always helps to get new perspectives on the challenges you face. Coupled with a walk around the sprawling campus, the ideas just flow, and grow!


The I5 summit presents a unique opportunity in the form a workshops where entrepreneurs can learn how to overcome common problems that start ups face. How to form a business plan? How to scale up with minimum costs? How to make people believe in my product? Our workshops work towards identifying these and giving you the right direction to mould the solutions to fit your venture.

Workshops on Sales & Marketing, Product engineering, Modelling tools for start ups, fund raising and many more exciting ones. Stay tuned for the same.

VENTURE – I / INR 15 lacs up for grabs!

The most coveted event in the I5 Summit, Venture-I is the International Venture plan competition. It is a one of a kind platform where entrepreneurs can raise 15 lakh rupees of investment JUST by selling a minority stake(ie 5%) of their start-ups. It’s the fastest you will ever raise money- in just a ten minute duration (7 min pitch+ 3 min Q&A)

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