Microsoft Venture Think Next 2015 in New Delhi on December 9, 2015

Microsoft Venture Think Next 2015 in New Delhi on December 9, 2015

Think Next is a forum that brings Thought Leaders in Technology who are driving transformation via innovation together at under a roof. Who knows what becomes possible when this happens?

This invite only semi-annual conclave is enjoys a highly curated audience of Corporate leaders, Investors, Mentors, Ecosystem players and most importantly Entrepreneurs. A celebration of successes of entrepreneurship and innovation, Think Next hosts over 800 stakeholders of the startup ecosystem, from India and around the world. With Think Next, Microsoft Ventures aims to bring opportunities and possibilities together and explore potentialities for economic progress via global collaborations.

Join us, as we bring Think Next to New Delhi and experience disruption!

Think Next Roundtable

This is the age of Unicorns, Acqui-hire and mergers in the Indian startup ecosystem. 2015 has already clocked 180 M&A deals, and investments over $3.5B. But what happens next? Listen to the top VCs and Entrepreneurs in India discuss hot topics including current valuation levels, potential IPOs, M&A scenarios etc.

Fireside Chat with Devdutt Pattanaik

Humans understand the world through stories. It creates categories and concepts that propel human endeavour. Different cultures have different stories, often called myths, seen as truth by insiders, but as untruth by outsiders. The same principle applies to individuals. Every person has his or her own truth, his or her own story, by which she negotiates through life, and through organizations. How do we harness these truths to create successful enterprises? Devdutt Pattanaik, renowned for using mythology as a tool for management, will explore this question and provide insights for entrepreneurs who yearn to disrupt the world as we know it and create successful startups in the process.

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