NASSCOM Product Conclave in Hyderabad on April 3, 2014

NASSCOM Product Conclave in Hyderabad on April 3, 2014

Welcome to NPC Hyderabad 2014 – a unique event wherein the best and brightest technology leaders, emerging companies and startups congregate. It’s a great time to be a Product Entrepreneur in India with the buzz in domestic markets, increased interest in Indian start-ups by overseas investors and with many fold improvement in infrastructure, India has become an attractive ground to breed start-ups. NASSCOM 10k Project is aimed at helping 10,000 start-ups to germinate & grow in India

After the huge success of NPC2013 and on the demand of the industry, NASSCOM is pleased to announce NPC at Hyderabad, a full day of excitement, knowledge share, networking and setting up agenda for the future of Indian product industry. NPC Hyderabad is planned on April 03, 2014 and will be attended by star speakers from the Product Industry, VCs, Practicing Entrepreneurs, Consultants.

The focus of NPC Hyderabad is to set a stage for Indian start-ups and emerging companies to access knowledge & support available in the ecosystem on building their markets, create performing teams and secure funding. People’ s Choice Awards showcasing Top 10 Products in the NASSCOM Emerge category will also be announced during NPC Hyderabad. You can take advantage of workshops on Digital Marketing, B2B Sales planning and Product Design. NPC Hyderabad will see a turnout of around 400 delegates and a line up of software Product industry, VC industry & Entrepreneur Speakers. We will also bring you the softer touch with an interesting speaker from outside the industry. This NASSCOM Product Conclave is being held in Hyderabad, a strategic hub of Indian Product Start-ups. We wish to encourage all companies located in the region to participate and take advantage of interacting with some of the super achievers in the Indian Products arena.


8:30am : Registration
9:15am : Welcome
9:30am : Need of Product Companies in India’s Growth
10:00am : Business Connect
10:10am : The Rise of Made-in-India Technology Products
10:40am : Tea / Coffee Break
11:00am : Brand or Product – which is more important in today’s Market?
11:30am : Jury Round: Product Company Showcase at NPC
12:00pm : Accelerating the Effectiveness of Product Management
1:00pm : Lunch Break
1:45pm : Digital Marketing LIMITED
Growth Hacking / Product and Customer Acquisition Analytics LIMITED
3:45pm : Tea / Coffee Break
4:00pm : Product Company Showcase
4:30pm : TechStock
6:00pm : Closing Address

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