The StartAP Fest – Startup Event in Andhra Pradesh on December 27-28, 2014

The StartAP Fest - Startup Event in Andhra Pradesh on December 27-28, 2014

The StartAP Fest 2014 will be the largest convention of, by, and for Entrepreneurs, where hundreds meet, share, learn, and collaborate. Haailand, one of the best Theme Resort park will be hosting the Fest.

The mission is to establish a robust startup community and culture in Andhra Pradesh by connecting passionate young talent, and to make Andhra Pradesh the startup capital of India. The fest will be run by an awesome team of entrepreneurs, students, and volunteers. It will be largest conference for Andhrapreneurs, where hundreds of startup founders, students, mentors, investors, and visionaries meet, share, learn, and collaborate.

There will be around 2000 Delegates for the fest with profiles ranging from Startup founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs etc. Around 35 Speakers and 10 Companies will be present on 2 days delivering a world class agenda. There will be 6 tracks, 8 Partner sessions and 6 Power Talks.

Meet awesome people

Get ready to make some long-lasting and trusted relationships. Who knows? Maybe you will find an amazing mentor, an awesome cofounder, or a valuable investor looking to fund your idea.

Learn all about startups

From ideas to excution, marketing strategies, latest trends in the startup world and you will learn the nuances of building a startup from people who have been there and done that.

Jump into a new world

With touching stories of success and failure from startup founders, invaluable lessons from experts, and fun-filled sessions, you will jump into the exciting world of startups.

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