Startup Saturday Hyderabad April Edition on April 9, 2016

Startup Saturday Hyderabad April Edition on April 9, 2016

Marketing & PR play an important role alongside the product in a Startup’s success story. While most of the entrepreneurs recognize this, they are skeptical about the ROI on huge marketing budgets at an early stage. In the past decade we have witnessed several startups who have achieved huge milestones in reaching their customers with almost negligible budget. Understanding the patterns, techniques, methods used by these successful startups would help the early stage startups in Marketing & PR with a budget as little as zero.

Headstart’s Startup Saturday April edition brings you a set of early stage startups from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences, roadblocks, shortcuts that has helped them in their marketing at minimal budgets. The expert panel discussion will throw light on the industry’s best practices, right timing, channel, analytics that can be done at a zero budget.


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