Startup Saturday Hyderabad October Edition on October 14, 2017

Startup Saturday Hyderabad October Edition on October 14, 2017

Be a part of Headstart’s Startup Saturday ~ Opportunities and Challenges in Hyperlocal Startup ~

We look forward to seeing you there!


Theme: Opportunities and Challenges in Hyperlocal Startup

Whether it is restaurants, spas, grocery stores, travel agents, or car service centers, people are often found searching for products and services on their smart phones. The rise of Internet users, surge of payment options, and proliferation of GPS -enabled devices have resulted in the growth of hyperlocal businesses

How do you scale the hyperlocal model , considering it needs to be available where the customer is located? As the service market is fragmented, how do you make associations and partnerships with such service providers?

Agenda will be uploaded soon.

Generally, the Startup Saturday Agenda includes the following:

1. Some successful entrepreneurs as keynote speakers
2. Pitches and Demos by early stage start-ups, followed by quick mentoring by successful entrepreneurs
3. Stalls and product Display for start-ups
4. Panel Discussion relevant to theme of the day, interactive Q&A with panelists
5. Networking with peers and speakers and panelists If you are looking to pitch, demo or stalls do connect with

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