Startups Club DemoDay2014 in Chennai on August 9, 2014

Startups Club DemoDay2014 in Chennai on August 9, 2014

DemoDay2014-CHE will now have VIT-TBI, GINSERV & Indian Angel Network associated with us from the idea shortlisting stage for those who register with us for presenting to the Guest Panel (All the three entities are incubation services plus options of Seed & Angel Investments)

StartupsClub has now launched FAS – Fund A Startup, an initiative wherein all 2000+ members of the Club will be contributing to this initiative, which will be collected in a “Contribution Box” in all meetings, wherein the BOX will be locked and sealed by one of the randomly chosen member and the Idea/Startup which gets selected by the Guest Panel on DemoDay2014-CHE will be funded right there, NO kick-backs, NO post event discussions, NO repayments, NO obligations, NO Claims. The Winner walks out the venue with the Prize money for his Idea/Startup

DemoDay2014-CHE participants (Registered Ideas/Startups, Stalls, Volunteers etc) will have the reach of more than 5000 eyeballs through the various on-line platforms plus an opportunity to reach to all members across cities

The tickets have been increased but, we have also kept the early bird offers which will enable you to get the tickets at a much discounted price, but, why have we increased the prices? The reason is… for an Idea/Startup Registration, the involvement of other partner entities, validation and involvement of the club is going to be much higher than what it was last time & for the visitors, we have ensured that you could network with the Guest Panel freely post the event and reach them out directly yourself.

The event has been organised at GRT, Convention Centre, which is centrally located. The traveling guests will have options of staying at any place of their convenience.

Finally, Last but not the least, with VIT-TBI coming in as our prestigious Co-Sponsors, we will be having road shows through various universities across Chennai & Vellore wherein Students will be educated about starting up early, through these road shows, we shall talk about the Registered Ideas, Our Stalls, Our initiatives and Our Sponsors & Partners

Participant’s Pass
Early Bird Offer – Rs. 965/- for registration, plus only if your idea is selected, your Demand Draft of Rs.3,000/- will be en-cashed
Regular Price – Rs.1500/- for registrations, plus if your idea is selected, your Demand Draft of Rs.3,000/- will be en-cashed

Visitor’s Pass
Early Bird Offer – Rs.350/-
Regular on-line Price – Rs. 450/-
Walk-in at the venue – Rs.550/-

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