TiE Startup Hire – ‘Hire, Don’t Hire’ in Bangalore on November 9, 2013


ACS College of Engineering
Kambipura, Mysore Road
Bangalore 560074

Event Date: Saturday, November 9, 2013 – 10:00am – 5:00pm

Rs. 3500/- for the entire process including the hiring platform


TiE Startup Hire - 'Hire, Don't Hire' in Bangalore on November 9, 2013

Are you a start-up looking to build your own winning team? Are you finding it difficult to get the right talent?

Then TiE Start-up Hire is here just for you!

TiE Bangalore in partnership with EmployabilityBridge brings to you- ‘TiE Startup Hire’ – a graduate hiring event, where you will have access to Colleges & Graduate Students, based on your hiring criteria. You will be supported all through the recruitment process till you find your match!

Why TiE Start-up Hire?

– Exclusive opportunity for TiE Members
– Discounted rate for the process
– Customized hiring platform according to your needs
– Opportunity to showcase your startup at the event
– Minimal cost and effort

How does it work?

– Apply for the program
– Use the customized platform according to your hiring process

– Pre- Hire Sessions:

• Publish your opportunity with the eligibility criteria
• Preselect applicants to participate in the event
• Define your hiring process/ steps

– Startup Hire Event:

• Meet your preselected applicants
• Run your process
• Shortlist & announce

– Post Hire Sessions:

• Offer issuance & Acceptance
• Continuous engagement until onboarding

Join us in this new initiative to build a strong team for your Startup!

Hire for Attitude! Hire for Skills!


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[email protected] – +91-9282244311

Registration URL: http://employabilitybridge.com/TiE/TiERegistration.php
Website URL: https://bangalore.tie.org/event/8/tie-startup-hire-hire-dont-tire