TLabs’ Startup Lounge in Mumbai on January 18, 2015

TLabs’ Startup Lounge in Mumbai on January 18, 2015

Startup Lounge is an event focused on interviews of 6 early stage startups by a prominent accelerator in the country. During interviews, the accelerator will touch base very few but most important aspects of each startup, which may include – not just the immediate problems, but bigger vision, product roadmap, what customers want & what to build first etc.

We encourage startups to apply & attend! Out of the applied startups, six shortlisted startups will be announced during the event and will join TLabs on stage. Each startup will get 10 minutes on stage, enough for essentials questions with meaningful feedback from TLabs.

Why apply?

You can apply to Startup Lounge as a Startup or as an Audience. As a startup, there is a possibility that TLabs may get impressed & make an incubation offer!

As an audience, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn about TLabs, get to know the possible questions asked by accelerators & interact with TLabs team.

Criteria to Participate

1. Startup Lounge is open to everyone, from industry professional to students, it is also open to all types of industry sector, from developer tools to hardware devices, from educational to healthcare startup teams.

2. Startups that have already developed functional product and which is already live on internet are eligible to participate. Startups that have not yet developed functional product are not eligible.

3. The lounge will take place in Mumbai, but startups from across India are invited to submit their applications for consideration. Note: All submissions are confidential unless otherwise permitted by applicants.

Agenda – Sunday, Jan 18, 2014

02.00pm-02.15pm: Check-In & opening remarks by organizers

02.15pm-02.30pm: Introduction to TLabs’ accelerator program

02.30pm-03.00pm: 60 seconds Pitch by each attending Startup

03.00pm-03.15pm: Announcing the 6 shortlisted startups for interviews

03.15pm-04.15pm: Interviews

04.15pm-04.45pm: Open Q&A with TLabs

04.45pm-05.00pm: Startup Lounge wraps up with Networking Coffee

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