TV5 STARTUP2DAY.IN EXPO-2016 in Hyderabad on August 20, 2016

TV5 STARTUP2DAY.IN EXPO-2016 in Hyderabad on August 20, 2016 is a business accelerator primarily endeavoring to connect startups with investors. The startup2day Expo acts as a powerful networking platform and helps startups established entrepreneurs, mentors, channel partners, vendors and other strategic, interdependent players in the eco-system engage with each other.The Expo is a great opportunity, not just for startups alone but also established and emerging businesses seeking funding/investment for their diversification/ growth plans. The Expo strives to differentiate itself and bring significant value for startups by reducing the time, efforts and cost to attract investment with faster, easier and economical access to investors. The Startup2day Expo acts as a platform for players across the funding space to identify and leverage potential investment opportunities.

VCs AIs, Banks, Financial Institutions and other players in the investor community can expect a rich mix of start-up talent to diversify their investment portfolio.Importantly, The Expo acts as an valuable resource for new investors scouting for promising entrepreneurial talent and disruptive business ideas with outstanding growth potential. The Expo is committed to enriching the startup space and creating growth opportunities for business in India. The Expo offers a raft of events including Seminars and Workshops to enable startups showcase and pitch their ideas to prospective investors while helping them stay at the cutting edge of change by driving engagement, networking and knowledge acquisition. As part of its continuous efforts in this direction, the Expo will also be launching a national magazine, published once a month and purely focused on the startup space in India. The publication will serve as a valuable source of knowledge for startups and investors while helping them keep abreast with the latest news, trends and related developments influencing this dynamic space.

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