AXIS’15 Illuminating Ideas – Annual Technical Festival in Nagpur from October 16-18, 2015


AXIS is the annual technical festival of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. AXIS started as a mechanical engineering exposition known as “ODYSSEY” in the year 2001 and over the years it has evolved into a much larger and diverse technical festival. AXIS is Central India’s biggest science and technology symposium. Over the years it has grown exponentially and is one of the most awaited national events. To begin with, AXIS includes a series of workshops on current and future technologies, awe-inspiring pro-shows, motivating guest lectures, emulous competitions and events and fun filled informals.

AXIS has been associated with companies like Microsoft, Coca-cola, Panasonic and Gigabyte amongst others and has made itself a fixture on the itinerary of college festivals in India. It hosts technical, management and recreational events which enables the students to pit their innovative ideas against one another in a competitive and educative atmosphere.

AXIS is identified as a festival solely managed and organized by the students form the very grass root level. Thus, it provides a great platform not just in terms of theoretical prowess but also gives a firsthand experience in management and organizational skills.

AXIS has more than 30+ events which are classified into 5 categories –

1. Automation and Robotics
2. Software
3. Management and others
4. School events
5. Construction, design and architecture

Our theme for this year i.e. light. The United Nations has officially declared the year of 2015 to be the year of light. The team of AXIS15 aspires to step into new territories, expand our reach and connect to each and every person not as an engineering student but as an admirer of science and technology. We aim to conduct workshops to attract students from all over India so as to create a humongous network of science enthusiasts.


Date – 12th -13th September, 2015

Description – This workshop is in association with ARK Technosolutions. In this workshop, the participants will be taught how to design, fabricate and to test a model bridge. The workshop will be divided into three sessions –

1. An interaction lecture session with good multimedia content.
2. Hands-on practical session on CAD based Bridge Design, Fabrication and testing
3. Build a bridge that can support the load upto 1000 times its own weight.

Fees – Rs. 4000

Max Team of 4.


Date – 12th- 13th September, 2015

Description -The workshop will be conducted in association with TechBharat. The workshop shall consist of management, configuration and installation of Private Cloud. The participants shall also be taught how to develop and deploy cloud enabled application and access the Cloud Services laaS, SaaS and PaaS.

Fees- Rs. 1000 per person


The workshop will be conducted in association with ARK Technosolutions. The main attractions for the workshop are-

1. Learn Arduino to control BLDC motor
2. Handson session on Multicopter
3. Live flying sessioz
4. Fly with 6 Ch Rx TX remote

Fees – Rs. 6000

Maximum team of 4

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