Carte Blanche ’15 -Annual Technical and FOSS Festival in Chennai on March 1-2, 2015

Carte Blanche '15 -Annual Technical and FOSS Festival in Chennai on March 1-2, 2015

Carte Blanche is a national level techno-management Symposium catering to showcase budding engineers throughout the country with the primary objective of promoting Open Source! Carte Blanche is the Open Source Arena! . Carte Blanche helps participants to get into the details, to collaborate in creating Open Source content, be it H/W or S/W, as well as appreciate the efforts of fellow enthusiasts. This event which was started in 2005 saw huge responses and instantly was a hit with the free software community in India. The event is supported by the Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai( ILUGC), National Resource Centre for FOSS, Computer Society of India (CSI), AU-KBC Research Centre and IEEE Computer Society. In the past three years, Carte Blanche has grown into a one-of-a-kind technical symposium with special events like demos on various free software including GNU/Linux, Workshops, lectures, Free Software Distribution, as well as conventional programming, debugging, hacking and other technical contests relating to Electronics and Mechanical Stream, Online Events and Management based evvents! Whatever be the event, our theme is the same!! May the source be with you!


1) Debugging
2) Reverse Coding
3) Hack Knight
4) Web Designing
5) Inscribed
6) Hackathon
7) Street Coding


1) Online Programming Contest


1) Bits & Bytes
2) Tech Marathon
3) Bug War
4) Mu Pro
5) Choose Ur SIM
6) SIM U Comm
7) Net Cracker
8) Numerique
9) Electo Zen


1) Auto Quiz
2) The Mechanic
3) CAD Modelling
4) Manufacturing Quiz
5) How Mech Works
6) Metallography
7) Plan It
8) Project Presentation


1) Robo Wars
2) Robo Soccer
3) Line Follower
4) All Terrain


1) Contraptions
2) IC Car Race
3) Water Rocketry
4) Glide
5) How Stuff Works
6) Treasure Hunt
7) Science Quiz
8) Google Geek
9) Math-o-Mania
10) B-Plan
11) Juggernaut
12) General Quiz
13) Idea Presentation
14) Paper Presentation
1) Trapped
2) Metagrobalize
3) Promotion Events – FB

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