Cyberfest 2015 – Tech Symposium in Tamil Nadu from January 30-31, 2015

Cyberfest 2015 - Tech Symposium in Tamil Nadu from January 30-31, 2015

CYBERFEST is an annual tradition, a national level technical symposium of the Coimbatore Institute of Technology, conducted by the department of Computer Technology & Applications, with the motto of promoting technology, scientific thinking and innovations over the decade, CYBERFEST commenced in 2000. CYBERFEST is always awaited with enthusiasm from students all over the nation. It provides a stage for the aspiring minds to establish their talents and showcase it to the right audience. Reaching to over 150 colleges which provides massive visibility to thousands of participants are the highlights of this symposium.

CYBERFEST 2K15 reaches out to students, industry and the society in general and promises to be bigger than ever. CYBERFEST 2K15 promises to surpass all its previous editions. Whether their interests lie in robotics, quizzing, computer programming, becoming future managers or learning how to fly an aero plane, there will be something at CYBERFEST for every participant and spectator, irrespective of their age or interests. So mark your calendar on 30th and 31st January, 2015 for a fully loaded cultural extravaganza.

CYBERFEST 2K15 is a two day fest with 10 never-seen-before events, spread across the province of computer science. The stage is all set for the nutty participants to come and crack the events. Contestants are supposed to form a team, choose a genre and solve the respective problem statement. Participants are allowed to choose any number of genres. The competition is open for both Under-graduate and Post-graduate students.


1. CodeWar
2. Demiflexade
3. Fragon
4. Hastrove
5. Miste-caza
6. Postrophix
7. Propositum
8. Quizzential
9. Snipotiate
10. Syncomerta


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