Entwirft 13 – Technical Fest in Bangalore from February 23-24, 2013

Entwirft 13 – Technical Fest Iin Bangalore from February 23-24, 2013

Venue :

Department Of Mechanical Engineering,
B. M. S. College Of Engineering,
Bull Temple Road,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560 019

Start Date : 23rd February, 2013
End Date : 24th February, 2013

The Word “ENTWIRFT” Originates From The German Word For Design, Draft Or Conceptualize.It Has Been The Most Anticipated Event In And Around Bangalore With “ENTWIRFT`09” And “ENTWIRFT`10” Being Two Of The Biggest Departmental Fests (Participation Wise) In The History Of B.M.S.C.E.This Fest Is Conducted With The Help And Support Of The MEA And The Department Of Mechanical Engineering.With 16 Events To Compete Among The Best We Welcome All The Engineers To Take Up The Challenge.

Cast Your Dreams – Weld The Ideas – Forge The Efforts And Shape The World
We Are The Gears Of Progress And We Are The Men The Machine – The Mechanical Engineers

Entwirft 13 - Technical Fest Iin Bangalore from February 23-24, 2013

Technical Events :

Technical Paper Presentation
Dr.Fix – Physical Assembly
Junk Field – Junkyard Wars
Mechanical Modeling
Pirate Wars
Cadd Venture

Non Technical Events :

General Quiz
Technology Quiz
Product Launch
Mock Placements
Click -Photography
Treasure Hunt
So You Think You Can Answer?
Gaming Fifa, Counter Strike, Dota, Nfs-Mw

Organizers :

Sunil kiran S – +91-9844089893 – [email protected]
Yuvraj – +91-8970931948 – [email protected]

Website URL : http://www.entwirft.in/
Registration Page : http://www.entwirft.in/event-registration
Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/entwirft13
YouTube Teaser : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieuQY0j-KeY