MOM 2K16 – Technical Innovation Fair in Gwalior from January 15-16, 2016

MOM 2K16 - Technical Innovation Fair in Gwalior from January 15-16, 2016

Mind over Matter( Problems of today , Solution for Tomorrow )is the national technical fair organised by ABV-IIITM,Gwalior.It provides a unique platform for your minds to stretch their imaginations to the limit.With such vastness and diversity,hospitality of the guests is of paramount importance.The aim of the exhibition is to put up a show specializing in defying your imagination ,breaking boundaries and revolutionizing basic science and technology. It also encourages creative thinking.Our mission is to encompass as many participants as possible in
their knowledge.

The technical fair of 2015 witnessed some really innovative science projects displaying the tremendous efforts and creative minds of the youth of our country.The fair was divided into three categories. Its not an event for the geeks but for the innovators.Some of Last year projects are :- Smart Helmet,Autonomous Car,Recyclers,Solar Panel Cleaner,Hydraulics,Eco Friendly Railways, Farm to Furniture,Spy Roboarm,Rain Water Harvesting Over Sea Surface,Low Smoke Chulha.

A fair without recreational activities would be a total fail.The fair not only maintained its standard in the technical side but also organised several fun activities for the participant of all ages. Mini-game,Dance,Singing,Debate were some of them.Several food stalls were too a part of the fair. In a nutshell,it was an event with loads of responsibilities and its own quota of fun. Our Mind Over Matter Team gave the best of their efforts to give the participants a Fun And enriching experience at ABV-IIITM, Gwalior.


Technical Model Exhibition
MOM is one of the best places you can see and experience broad spectrum of modern technology. This is the ideal platform for the tech enthusiasts to gain exposure and interact with the experts who have brought breath taking technical models into existence. MOM 2K15 had witnessed many awe-inspiring models of which “Crack Detection Robot” was a masterpiece in the field of sustainable development. This year MOM is back with a new theme and more exciting prizes.

Air Show (Drone Racing)
Drones and quad copters are rather popular right now. Hardly, a day goes by without some kind of automated or remotely piloted aircraft somehow causing a ruckus or providing a new way for militaries and cinematographers alike to get the shot they need. What you might not have noticed, however, is that there is an underground movement to turn drone flying into a sport. Carrying on this movement, MOM 2K16 brings to you for the first one in central India, “Air Show” comprising of Drone racing and many other events which will leave your mind boggling.

On – Spot Drawing
The drawings have to encapsulate the place and the moment, the crowd and the objects which can be found during MOM 2K16. The technique is free and the participants are allowed any medium of their choice. The drawing can be a rough sketch, what is important is to capture the moment.

Quiz Contest
Aside from the important benefit of improving/expanding one’s breath of knowledge either general or in specific areas, the style of quizzes offered in MOM 2K16 are designed to be fun to participate in and aim to provoke discussion and healthy debate among the partcipants along with exciting prizes.

Innovative Idea Presentation on “Technology for Global peace”
Delivering effective presentations is a vital skill in anyone’s armory ,whether you are a student or the head of an organization. MOM 2K16 provides you with an opportunity to not only display your ideas to the experts in the field but also remove your fear of crowd and take public opinion on your ideas.

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