Phoenix 2015 – Annual Techno-Management Festival from February 21-24, 2015

Phoenix 2015 - Annual Techno-Management Festival from February 21-24, 2015

Future Institute of Engineering and Management presents PHOENIX 2015, the official annual techno- management festival of which is scheduled to be held on 21st to 24th February 2015. After 6 successful years, PHOENIX is ready to achieve new platforms by introducing more innovative events, more exciting prizes and the much more surprises. From its modest beginning, PHOENIX witnesses a strong participation from colleges of West Bengal, nearly a thousand footfall every day. Out of a heap of stirring events, the Robotics, circuit designing, treasure hunt, junkyard wars, gaming, coding are the special attractions. PHOENIX usually features various events based on engineering, basic sciences as well as management and humanities subjects. The guest lecturers, special workshops are also a special part of PHOENIX, the most important being the cultural extravaganza at VidyaMandir on 24th February 2015 featuring the performances of the India’s got Talent famed rock band Underground Authority and most unique band BolepurBluez.

Tech Events:

1. All terrain
2. Robo soccer
3. Amphi
4. Roborace+maze
5. Autonomous
6. Circuit designing
7. Coding

Non-Tech Events:

1. Sudoku
2. Banner painting
3. Finger painting
4. Quiz
5. Debate
6. Mogojastro
7. Junkyard wars
8. Treasure hunt
9. Reporting
10. paper cutting and collage
11. Photography
12. Short film
13. Food fest

Gaming Events:

1. Fifa
2. Nfs
3. Dota
4. 8 ball pool
5. Chess
6. Balloon shooting
7. Dart
8. Mini golf
9. Foot ball

Management Events:

1. MUN
2. Start up
3. Marketing


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