Shaastra 2020

Being the first in the world to be ISO 9001:2015 certified, wholly student run tech festival, SHAASTRA stands out from the rest in being the largest and one of the most unique tech festivals ever celebrated in India and the world. All of this fuelled by our seamless passion: the “Spirit of Engineering”.

The world saw SHAASTRA for the first time in 2000. Our fest was born with one goal in mind: to create and sustain a society of inquisitive minds, who learn and innovate by interacting with each other and industries. For the very same reason, we organize a host of memorable events that keep getting better. From an unending list: Shaastra Spotlight Series, Sports Tech Summit, EDM Night, Envisage Techno Entertainment Show, Robo Wars, AI Confluence are just a few to mention. Our 4 day festival gives any guest an exhilarating experience, ranging from challenging hackathons to sit-back-and-relax entertainment shows.

SHAASTRA also organizes one of the largest quiz competitions spread wide across the country: Spark. In 2018, we conducted the Spark Junior Quiz, an attempt at giving school kids a taste of what’s going on in India’s best institutes.

We strongly believe that every person is unique and so are their talents. And that makes SHAASTRA immensely attractive, if it wasn’t already, to students from schools and colleges all over the country. Every year, we receive a footfall of over 40,000 budding engineers and innovators, who get a chance to steal the limelight in our numerous contests. Hackathons, reverse coding challenges and robo wars, are but a few of the infinite contests that we organize every year. Students get to showcase their innovative skills and talents, and the best minds walk away with an enviable reward.

SHAASTRA does equally well in connecting students to professionals from various industries. Our famous Spotlight Lecture Series has had the privilege to welcome some of the most influential people on this planet, from business magnates to successful entrepreneurs to Nobel Laureates. We give our guests the richest of experience and advice in every walk of professional and nonprofessional life. Students come in contact with experienced industry personnel who enlighten them with their valuable experience. We feel proud to have people of such stature in our Alma Mater, as they are truly a source of inspiration to one and all.

As fascinated as we are about technology, we have deep concern for our society as well. Every year SHAASTRA rolls out unique, impactful and lasting social campaigns, aimed at bettering the life of common people. We look at the most prevalent social and economic issues of the time and come up with innovative and economical solutions to tackle them.

The world that we see today is a result the genius of numerous people. We cannot thank our scientists, engineers and mathematicians enough to have opened the windows to a world of automation, computing, internet and artificial intelligence to us. Through our festival, we seek to inculcate in today’s youth, the curiosity, zeal and knowledge to transform the world for good.

But deep down in this sprawling display of beauty and brain is a humble notion that binds us all together. It is the “Spirit of Engineering”. The desire and enthusiasm to reach beyond our limits. When great minds come together, SHAASTRA happens.


4th Jan 2020, NAC Seminar Hall
Ever fancied yourself as a Maverick of Management? Come test your astute skills in solving real-life Operations and Supply Chain problems troubling our country. SHAASTRA 2020 brings to you Optimo, by the Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras.

5th Jan 2020, NAC IIT Madras
Finding and rewarding Economics enthusiasts from B-schools and other colleges.

4th Jan 2020, NAC IIT Madras
Finvent is the finance event that provides you with a chance to showcase your basic financial acumen and general awareness about the business world. It aims to test your critical thinking, creative skills, out of box thinking and interpersonal skills through analysis and presentation of case study.

Brand Wars
5th Jan 2020, NAC IIT Madras
Have you often dreamt of creating your own business from the ground up, of paving your own way to fame? Have you wondered if you can tackle the umpteen hurdles that you’ll have to face, the decisions you’ll have to make?

Data Buzz
6th Jan 2020, NAC IIT Madras (Subject to changes)
Data Buzz events involves Analysis & Inference of the data for the given business problem using various statistical tools, techniques and algorithms.

6th Jan 2020, NAC (Subject to Changes)
Disrupt-o-miania, a cluster of management tasks to test your business acumen, skills, and creativity materializes through your potential of being jack of all trades and disrupts this for you to rise as the numero-uno manager.