T-RACE 2K14 – Tech Fest in Andhra Pradesh on February 4, 2014

T-RACE 2K14 - Tech Fest in Andhra Pradesh on February 4, 2014

T-RACE stands for Technically Refined Arena to Concoct Engineers. The aim of T-RACE is to transfer the information on the ever changing technology with emerging trends, to improve the students in terms of their creativity and synthesize new ideas. This is intended to bring out innate talents of the students which help them broaden their horizons.

Between all those classes and lectures you will need some time for recreation too. At Gvit, while our primary focus will be your education, we will offer you a diverse range of activities for mental and physical recuperation.

Viswa T-RACE, the ECE Department’s annual tech festival is a unique initiative undertaken to promote & showcase the innate talents possessed by budding professionals not only across engineering colleges of A.P.but from neighbouring states as well.

The brand objectives of this annual tech fest is to provide a competitive platform (through a wide gamest of events both technical & non technical) for a stimulated exchange of knowledge, skills & culture among students of various colleges, and thereby develop them into harmonious and proactive individuals.

A unique feature of the T-RACE is that the entire event right from planning to execution is takenup by various student committees.

Events and Fees:

Paper Presentation
Rs.150 per participant
[email protected]

Poster Presentation
Rs.100 per participant
[email protected]

Movie/Ad Making
Rs.100 per participant
[email protected]

Project Xpo
Rs.300 per Team
[email protected]

Rs.100 per Team


Mr.J.Satish Naidu – +91-9666716717
Mr.K.V.Mouli – +91-9642237999
Mr.K.Sriram – +91-9491883006
Mr.G.Narendranadh – +91-9700112486

Email: [email protected]
Website URL: http://viswatrace.blogspot.in/2012/12/t-race.html