TECHZONE 2016 – Technical Festival in Karnataka from April 22-24, 2016

TECHZONE 2016 - Technical Festival in Karnataka from April 22-24, 2016


Technical paper presentation for four different streams,

1. ‘Digital India’ is the common field for all streams
2. Maximum participants two per team
3. The whole paper should be in IEEE format and the stream for which the participant is applying has to be mentioned
4. Full paper has to be sent to the respective stream email IDs within 12th April 2016
5. While attending, two hard copies of full paper in IEEE format is must
6. Timings: 8+2 minutes
7. Downloaded papers are not allowed

Stream 1: EC/TC/EEE
• Signal and Image Processing
• VLSI and embedded system
• Advances in communication and network
• Power electronics and smart grid technology
• Green architecture and renewable energy system
• Concept of facts and advancement
Fields other than the above mentioned will also be considered
Contact: Vikas – 99024 68476 (EC/TC/EEE)
Send your full paper in IEEE format to [email protected] within 12th April 2016

Stream 2: CS/IS
• Big data and Hadoop technology
• Cloud computing and its applications
• Data science or Artificial Intelligence
• Internet of things
• Digital marketing
Fields other than the above mentioned will also be considered
Contact: Nithish – 90080 80844 (CSE/ISE)
Send your full paper in IEEE format to [email protected] within 12th April 2016

Stream 3: Mech/IP/Automobile
• Bio fuel
• Automobile engineering
• Hydraulics and pneumatics
• Industrial production
• Design and thermal mechanics
Fields other than the above mentioned will also be considered
Contact: Sanjay Babu– 74063 68319
Send your full paper in IEEE format to [email protected] within 12th April 2016

Stream 4: Civil/Env
• Nonlinear behaviour of structures
• Structural health monitoring
• Ground improvement techniques
• Environmental engineering
• Recent trends in concrete and Geo-Technology
• Artificial neural network and fuzzy logic modelling
Fields other than the above mentioned will also be considered
Contact: Sachin B.U – 88618 50540
Send your full paper in IEEE format to [email protected] within 12th April 2016

Entry fee per team:
For UG: ₹ 200(JNNCE) ; ₹ 400(Non JNNCE)
For PG: ₹ 500(For all)


Maximum number of participants in each team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.300/-

• Written test based on ‘c’ aptitude which covers the basics of ‘c’.
• Duration : 45 minutes

• Involves on spot programming.
• Participants have to find and analyse the output.
• Duration : 2 hours

• Programs will be given with bugs.
• Participants have to debug those programs on spot.
• Duration : 2 hours

For more details,
Contact: PRIYADARSHINI S R – 78296 15443


Maximum number of participants in each team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Round 1: Text Safari
• Duration: 30 minutes
• A Program or Scenario will be given, the participants have to decode the Program output or scenario
• Decoding procedure will be instructed on the spot

Round 2: Crazy coding
• Duration: 45 minutes
• A program statement will be given
• A participant/team has to solve the problem by coding in ‘C’ with monitor turned off
• Selected to the next round based on minimum number of errors

Round 3: Stress with C
Will be revealed on spot

For more details,
Contact: Apoorva K – 87221 28661


“A Circuit Designing Challenge”

Circuitrix is a circuit related design challenge testing your ability to think of quick and innovative solutions to challenging circuit problems. It is an interesting platform for electronics and electrical enthusiasts to unleash their creative brilliancy.
Maximum number of participants in each team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Round 1: Technical Aptitude
A set of 40 questions related to basic electronics and electricals. Questions may be multiple-choice, fill up the blanks, true or false

Round 2:
i. Quiz – It is a written quiz testing the practical knowledge.
ii. Logic designing – It is to test the circuit scheming ability.

Round 3: Circuit Designing and Implementation
Using the provided components, finalists must rig up the circuit to get required output from the given input

For more details,
Contact : Sucharitha


Microelectronica aims to test your technical and practical knowledge in the electronics stream, specifically in the microcontroller forte.
Maximum number of participants in each team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

TECHNICAL APTITUDE – Test of technical knowledge

VISUAL QUIZ AND PROGRAMMING – A graphical quiz on the history of electronics and an on-spot assembly level programming test.

INTERFACING – Practical test of programming and dumping an ALP in a specified microcontroller for a given problem statement.

For more details,
Contact : Salma Roohi – 96869 67924


Maximum number of participants in each team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.150/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Round 1: Qualifying round
• Dismantling and assembling of Machine-vice.
• The teams which will be selected in the first round will be allowed for the participation in the second i.e the final round.

Round 2:

Participants will be asked again to dismantle and assemble any one of the mechanical components like tailstock, 3-jaw self-centring chuck and tool post of a lathe or even a screw-jack. The choice will be made during the event and before starting the event a demo will be conducted about how to dismantle and assemble the given component to aid the participants.

• Winning team will be declared according to the time basis.
• Machine components given to the participants must be handled with care as they are of high value and are the property of college.
• In case of any damage caused to the machine components or if there is an instance of losing a component or a tool, the team members itself are responsible and bare the losses.

For more details,
Contact : Madhusudhan – 80882 91198


Aakruti is a versatile and imaginative kind of event it is basically core event for Mechanical, Automobile, IP students to exhibit your talent in design field.
Individual Event
Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

• Drawings will be given on spot
• Software to be used : Solid Edge
• Duration: 150 minutes

For more details,
Contact : Rahul – 80506 06380



Surveying is the heart of CIVIL ENGINEERING, “Show us how healthy your heart is!!”

Maximum number of participants in each team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Round 1: Survey Quiz (MCQ)
• Quiz regarding basics of surveying
• Each question carries 2 marks
• Questions will be based on application and basics of surveying
• Only those who qualify in the 1st round will be allowed to participate in the field event.

Round 2: Field event
Duration: 2 hours
• Main objective is to find out the RL of an elevated (specified) object/things
• Participants will be provided with theodolite for surveying.
• For calculation participants can use either HI method or rise & fall method
• Results will be evaluated based on maximum accuracy and minimum timing.

For more details,
Contact: Sripadma P – 78292 96888


Maximum number of participants in each team:03

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Round 1: Elimination round (MCQ)

Round 2: Top teams will have to make a truss bridge using Popsicle sticks and glue.
• The overlapping between the 2 members should not be more than 50%.
• Max 3 sticks can be overlapped for horizontal members.
• Maximum 2 sticks can be overlapped for vertical and inclined numbers.
• Use of any material other than provided will lead to disqualification of team.
• Dimension of bridge will be intimated during the event.
• The truss bridge will be tested for load bearing capacity on the next day.
• Teams whose bridges carry the highest load and have less self-weight will be the winner.

For more details,
Contact: Ajay Kumar – 88678 97898




ROBO KOMBAT :Dare to challenge

• Team of maximum five members
Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.400/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.500/-

• The bots have to submitted to the organizers 10 minutes before the event
• The machine would be checked for its safety during registration. In case of unsafe bots, the teams will be allowed to modify the bots, in case the team fails to modify their bot in 90 minutes it will be disqualified.
• Judges decision will be final.
• Only one person can control the bot and one person can stay near the arena for monitoring the bot (including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro pneumatic, hydraulic controls and wirings).
• The max duration of each battle would be 5 minutes except for the finals which is going to be 10 minutes battle, any team that is not ready at the time specified will be disqualified from the competition and the opponent bot will be declared the winner.
• A bot that is deemed unsafe by the judges after the match as began will be disqualified and therefore declared the looser. The match will be immediately halted and the opponent will be awarded win.
• A bot is declared victorious if the opponent bot is immobilized. A bot will be declared immobile. If unable to show a minimum linear displacement of 10cm for 20 seconds. The bot has to maintain a minimum distance of 30cms from the opponent during this time (this does not include cornering).
• If both the bots fail to show any kind of motion during the battle, both bots will be given minimum 5minutes of time to fix there bot and refight.
• If both the bot fail to show any kind of motion during the battle for second time, points will be awared on the basis of their attack & defence strategy they use during the battle, winner will be decided on those points basis.
• In case none of the bots are immobilized, the bot with max number of points will be declared the winner.
• Certain points will be awared by the judges to a bot only if it has a considerable impact/ damage on the opponents bot(Definition of damage will be declared by the judge and will be binding to all. No discussion will be entertained ).
• The bot will score 50 points if it pushes the opponent off the arena.
• The bot will score certain points if it keeps the opponent but not cornered or locked (pushing against the boundary wall)successively for 20 seconds.
• The bot has to Maintain a minimum distance of 60 cms from the opponent during its restore.
• Only 2 restores are allowed per team.
• If the bot topples down, then it can be placed right. It is considered as restore.
• However if the bot gets immobilized by opponents bot, teams cannot ask for restore.
• In case of tie, the bots will have to battle for a time duration of 2 minutes .
• If the bots are critically damaged, the team will be given certain limited period of time to repair, on request with the organisers. The amount of damage will be decided by the judge & it is the sole decision of judges whether to permit or not.
• The bots are not allowed to cut the opponent control wires. Violation of this rule will lead to disqualification.
• The organisers will not provide any kind of accessories during or before the event.
• Only the participants of the team whose match is on are allowed to stay near the arena during the event, and if there are any clarifications, only the participants are expected to communicate with the judges/organizers, in case of any person other than participants interferes, the team will be disqualified at that spot without any discussions.
• The organisers reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.
• Violation of any of the above rules will lead to disqualification.
• Judges decision shall be treated as final and binding on all.

Arena specifications :
• The arena may have irregularities of +1cm
• Arena may be kept at certain height from the ground.
• It is an open arena and damage of arena could lead to disqualification(only if damage is too high) (These specifications are subjected to change according to organisers convenience )

Bot specification :
• Dimensions of bot should not exceed 65cm*65cm*65cm (l*b*h) at point of time, during the match the external device used to control the machine or any external is not included in the size constraint.
• Weight of the bot should not exceed 40kgs (excluding remote control and control wires 50% tolerance given).
• If any readymade accessories used, then it must be fabricated to the body of the bot,by the participants only.
• Provision must be made by the participants to show the internal circuit when demanded by organisers for inspection.
• Any kind of modifications to the bot at any point of time during the whole event is not allowed.

Mobility :
• All bots must have easily visible and controlled mobility in order to compete.
• Any machine component should not be detached during at any point of the war.
• Methods of mobility includes ::
• Rolling (wheels,tracks or the whole bot )
• Walking (linear actuated legs with no rolling or cam operated motion)
• Shuffling (rotational cam operated legs)
• Jumping and hopping is not is allowed
• Flying (air foil using,helium ballons,ornithopters,hovercrafts etc) is not allowed

Pneumatic or hydraulic system :
• Participant can use pneumatic and hydraulic weapon systems.
• Bots can use pressurized,inflammable gases/ liquie to initialize their pneumatic mechanisms.
• Teams have to bring their own cylinders, organizers will not provide any kind of refilling.

Battery and power supply :
• Both on and off board power supplies are allowed.batteries must be sealed inmobilized electrolyte types(such as gel cells,lithium,NiCad,NiMH or dry cells)
• The voltage between any two terminals in the bot should not exceed 24v and 5ampers
• 230volt ac power will be provided
• Participant can make use of one or more DC/ stepper motors,wiper motors and starter motor
• Use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed • If the bot is wide then the wire should remain slack under all circumstances during the competition in case the participant make wire taut he will be given warning for 2 times and if he repeats it for 3rd time the team will disqualified without any more discussion

Weapon systems :
Bots can have any kind of cutters(should not cut control wires),flippers,saws,lifting devices,spinning hammers etc as weapons with following expectations and limitations
1. Liquid projectiles
2. Any kind of inflammable liquid
3. Flame based weapons
4. Any kind of explosives or intentionally ignited solid or potentially ignitable solid
5. Nets,tape,glue or any other entanglement device.
6. High power magnets or electro magnets
7. Un-tetherad(a rope or chain) projectiles
8. Tethered projectile in any direction with each having a maximum tether length of 50cm are allowed
9. Spinning weapons which do not come in contact with the arena at no point of time are allowed in no case should the arena be damaged by any bot.
Violation of this rule will lead to penalty and even disqualification in extreme cases

• Compliance with all event rules is mandatory. It is expected that competitors stay within the rules and procedures of their own accord and do not require constant policing.
• If you have a bot or weapon design that does not fit within the categories set forth in these rules or is in some way ambiguous or borderline,please contact the event organisers.
• Proper activation and deactivation of bot is critical. Bots must be activated in arena, testing areas, or with express consent of the event coordinators.
• All weapons must have a safety cover on any sharp edges.
• All participants build and operate bots at their own risk.
• Please take care to not hurt yourself or others when building, testing and competing.
• Each event has safety inspection. It is at the judge’s sole discretion that your bot is allowed to compete. As a builder you are obligated to disclose all operating principles and potential dangers to the inspection staff.
• Judges decision shall be treated as final and binding on all, any kind of arguments will not be entertained.

For technical support and Queries,
HITESH: 77608 54060
VISHAK: 99722 49729


It’s time to unleash the need for speed in you by racing your robot through the ultimate track.
• Maximum number of members allowed per team is FIVE and minimum is TWO, all from the same institute.
• Entry fee :Rs.200/-
• A team cannot participate with more than one robot.
• A student cannot be in more than one team.
• The event coordinator’s decision regarding scoring and judgment will be final.
• Change in rules, if any, will be notified to the registered participants.
• The organizers have the right to change the rules as they deem fit.

Robot Specifications:
• The Robot should fit into box of 30cm X 30cm X 30cm. If the robot uses an external power supply, it will not be included while fitting the robot in the box.
• However, in case of an onboard power supply, the robot along with the power supply should fit within the box.
• Max Weight: 5 kg (Battery weight will be considered if on board)
• The bot must be fire proof and water proof. The organizers will not be held responsible for any damage to any bot due to fire or water elements of the track.
• The Robot should be remote controlled (wired or wireless).
• In case of wireless operation each robot must have two remote controls (or a dual frequency Remote control circuit) which can be switched to either frequency before the start of the race. This is done to avoid frequency interference between the two competing robots in the final round of the game.
• The team must ensure that the potential difference across any two terminals must not exceed 24V. The machine can be powered electrically only.
• Batteries if on board must be sealed. Use of damaged batteries may lead to disqualification.
• Use of IC engines in any form is not allowed.
• Robots should not damage the arena.
• If your robot is wired then the wire should remain slack under all circumstances during the competition. All the wires coming out of the robot should be stacked as a single unit. The Wires should be properly insulated. The length of the wires must be at least 5m.
• Three members of the team are allowed to stay around the arena.
• The track will consist of all the terrains like hills, mountains, lakes, sand and rough roads.
• The arena may consist of slopes, hilly terrain, mud pools, sand pits, liquefied tar, rocks, bumpy roads, ditches etc.
• The inclination will not be more than 40 degrees.
• There will be water barriers on the track. Hence, make sure your robot is water-proof.
• Winners of every round will be decided on the basis of timings.

For more details,
Contact : Andy – 94498 27493


“Intellectuals debate, fools argue”

Maximum number of participants in a team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Duration: 10 minutes per team


1.One member of the team has to speak for the notion and the other to speak against it. Each member will get 4+1 minutes to present his/her views. A bell would be rung after 4 minutes thereby warning the participant to wind up his/her speech.
2. A total time of 5 minutes will be given for the rebuttal and we permit counter questioning. However a minimum of 3 questions must be raised by the interjections, failing which the speaker would be rewarded full marks for the allocated rebuttal.
3. Participants are allowed to carry a chit of paper with them to the podium. However, simply reading would lead to negative marking. The content of the speech should be original and not copied. If the speech is found to be copied from somewhere, the team is liable to be expelled.
4. Scores of both the team members will be taken into account to declare the winners. The decision of the judges will be final.

The criteria for adjudication includes:
1. Matter – includes all the substantial factual information that relates the issues.
2. Manner – refers to the presentation and delivery style of the speech.
3. Method – structure of speech and response to the dynamics of the debate.

Note: Topic of the debate will be disclosed 15 days prior to the event. (Contact the below mentioned number for topic.)

For more information,
Contact: Anushree S – 87621 60567


Number of participants in each team:03
Entry fee: Rs.100/-
Knock out matches
Game duration: 6 min.

Round 1:
The game mode will be “NO ESCAPE”.
Each match winner will be sent to next round.
The mode of further round will be decided on spot depending on the number of gamers.
Game host will be decided by the organizers.
‘Smart phone’ is compulsory for each gamer.

Note: The game is restarted if and only if whole game hangs, any one person facing problem with phone will be ignored.
Winner can be selected based on ‘Death rates’ if it’s a draw

For more information,
Prathap Gowda – 82770 87238
Nikhil G R – 95356 09515
Sanjith S M – 88807 00777


Individual Event

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Participants have to fill the form which is being provided to them. The form will contain personality stirring questions. The best from this round will be shortlisted for next.

ROUND 2: Extempore(Pick and Speak)
Shortlisted participants are asked to pick a chit which will have a topic on the picked topic they’ve to speak. 4 participants are shortlisted from this round.

ROUND 3: Stress interview
During interview, participant with good answering skills, and who can handle pressure by being manipulative in answers with confident approach will be honoured as Mr and Ms TECHZONE.

For more information,
Contact: Suprith S V – 80502 60023


Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 1 (ver 1.7)
1. Team Death Match :
Knockout rounds. Team which survives the last round wins.
Max players per team : 4
Any classes are allowed.
Maximum time per map is 10 mins. All regular maps in ver 1.7 are valid.

2. Free for all round :

Knock out type individual play.
Map of 10 mins. Any classes are allowed. A player is up against 7 players in a map. All maps of version 1.7 are valid.

General Instructions :
Coding of any kind or Hacking will be treated seriously.
If comfortable players can bring their own system and equipments.

Entry Fee :
1 . Team Death match :
Rs 200 per team from Jnnce.
Rs 250 per team from other institutions.

2 . Free for all :
Rs 50 per player from Jnnce.
Rs 80 per player from other institution.

Onspot regiatration will not be conducted.
Re entry is prohibited. For More details,
Contact – Nandakishore : 80884 57597


Maximum number of participants in each team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.150/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Round 1:
Aptitude test of 30 questions

Round 2: Circuit Building
• Participants should come with a pre- planned circuit
• Materials and new components will be provided
• The team has to rig up the circuits
• You can make use of internet
• Marks will be allotted based on circuit design,complicity and working.
• Time limit is 3 hours

For more details,
Contact: Soumya C.M – 8747863553


Individual entries allowed.

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.50/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-

Round 1 (Day 1) :
• Registered participants will be made as a team of 4 randomly.
• Once the teams are formed all teams will be given written test regarding the “Product/concept” specified.
• After writing the test, at noon teams have to present their idea for the given concept in front of panel of judges.
• Depending upon the criteria teams will be filtered for next round.
• This is to give them clarity and shape for the business/service idea for the concept defined.

Round 2 (Day 2) :
• On the second day at 9 a.m each filtered teams have to execute any business plan within JNNCE campus.
• They have to approach the people present within the campus and be innovative as much as possible.
• Teams should be honest and any mischief seen will be disqualified at that instant itself.
• All teams have to report back at exactly 5 p.m with profit amount and proof of their service/business.

Round 3 (Day 3) :
• Reported teams, on day 3 at 9 a.m have to be ready with the presentation of the Business/service they have done on Day 2.
• Presentation should contain detailed description of their proposal, their elevator pitch and complete information about their business/service.
• Depending upon the innovativeness, time management, usage of investment, profit they have received,winners will be declared.

• Investment should be only Rs. 200/- for per team once teams are formed randomly.
• During business, for each customer they have to take the photo as the proof.
• They have to report before 5 p.m on Day 2 or else they will be disqualified.

For more details,
Aishwarya B R – 87626 53481
Chandana – 96634 22197


Techzone’s first ever Android App Development competition, AndoInvento will test aspiring developers for their skills, knowledge as well as creativity in the field of application coding, testing and debugging. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be crowned the best Android app developer of this region, come out here and earn the honour you deserve. The competition will consist of 2 phases. Each phase is designed to push different aspects of development through their limits.

Maximum number of participants in each team:02

Entry fee:
For JNNCE participants – Rs.100/-
For NON-JNNCE participants – Rs.200/-

Phase 1: The Apptitude Test
You might’ve run through a number of different aptitude tests, but we will test your development knowledge extensively with a specially designed question paper that will cover each aspect from general coding knowledge to complicated debugging semantics.

Phase 2: Burning Silicon
Once you prove that you’re better than the other in terms of knowledge of coding, you’ll have to show that you can apply this knowledge in the real world. You’ll be given 36 hours to build an application for Android according to a given problem statement. But it’s not that simple.
• You can use any development platform (Eclipse, Android Studio, App Inventor etc).
• You cannot use platforms that require network access. All coding and debugging should be local.
• Use of patented or codes copied from the Internet is strictly prohibited. You can use existing codes as references but no plagiarism will be tolerated and could lead to disqualification.
• Teams can be made with a maximum of 2 people. But if you think you’re a tiger who operates alone, you’re still welcome.
• The apps will be judged based on their precision according to the statement, their functionality, design, user interface, bugs (if any) and overall user experience.
• The judges’ decision will be final.

For more details and registrations,
Mir Juned Hussain – 96869 67924
Mohan Kumar – 88801 83785

Website URL: