The CLOSER Lineup @TBLH Comedy Festival

This is the last show of this festival – the closer show. So it is meant to be a blast. This is hosted by none other than Rajasekhar Mamidanna. This a long lineup with short acts where you get to taste a bit of everything. You get to see the best tightest minutes of each of these comics. With major style variations with each act – this is going to be super duper fun!

TBLH comedy festival is a unique festival curated by Funnysideup Hyderabad and venue partner Comic Social.

The Hyderabad comedy circuit has been active for almost a decade now and has given some unique voices to the Indian comedy scene.

This festival aims to celebrate our own home-grown comics and bring to you the finest of Hyderabad acts – some popular, some hidden gems.

*There are back to back shows programmed during the festival. Kindly be on time to not miss out on the fun.