VORTEX 2015 – The Chemfest in Mumbai from October 10-13, 2015

VORTEX 2015 - The Chemfest in Mumbai from October 10-13, 2015

This year, Vortex brings to you the spirit of India, the spirit of its people, their undeniable perseverance and urge to move to a better, freer, and more independent tomorrow. We bring to you, the spirit of Indigenous genesis, we bring to you INDIGENESIS.

What helps a nation to thrive is its people. In a democracy as large as India, what is made by the people, for the people holds the most value. In today’s times of globalisation when the world looks to the west for all solutions, it is of paramount importance to encourage indigenous industries so that we help make this dependence obsolete.

For a growing nation like ours, tapping local talent and extracting it’s potential to the fullest is of utmost importance. When innovative ideas originating in the minds of the youth are seen to fruition within our country itself, it is then that we can truly call ourselves an independent nation.

It has been said that self sufficiency is the greatest freedom. Vortex 2k15 aims at helping our nation inch closer to this true freedom. We salute the strength it takes to start industries from scratch, we salute the determination it takes to see things through no matter what the condition of the economy is, we salute the true patriotic fervour our industrialists show by creating everything in our very own country.

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