All Things Digital – Live Session

With digital becoming the new norm in the past few months, it’s time for startups & marketeers to realign their strategies & reach the right audiences to grow their business. What, then, are some of the best ways that you can further enhance your reach and stay relevant?

To help you sharpen your marketing skills and further enhance your business model against the current backdrop, YourStory Digital – “All Things Digital – Marketing” a live session with industry experts who will be covering a range of topics that include:

Abhash Kumar, Head of Marketing – Springworks
Topic: Building Side-projects to fuel short-term viral growth as well as build long-term sustaining Marketing engines.

Side-project marketing is the sub-category of marketing focused on building a totally standalone product or service. This side-project then serves as an acquisition channel to funnel these users to your main product.

The session will include how to curate side-projects, some of the best side-projects implemented and insights on how this can be further leveraged to test out new business ideas & more.

Sindhu Biswal, Senior Growth Marketeer, PocketAces
Topic – Viral Marketing by leveraging videos for online platforms.

This session will include insights on what are the best ways to leverage video content to promote your product/service. With the importance of hacking emotions for shareability, conceptualizing viral content and sending the right message, this will give you an overall outline of how to take videos forward on your platform and further ramp up your views.

Vignesh Ramani, Senior Manager – Digital Marketing, Razorpay
Topic – A healthy marketing mix for young startups.

This session is mainly structured to help young startups and entrepreneurs set themselves apart from others. There are various methods of marketing, whether paid or organic, but a healthy marketing mix is what will help solidify the road to success. With insights and best practices for growth marketing, this will help you evaluate and take the most appropriate marketing steps.

Join us on 30th August 2020
Time: 3:30PM – 6:30PM

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